Agile project management tool built over GitLab ! 🚀

Improve your workflow by connecting development with project management !

Flowr is natively compatible with GitLab. Connecting Flowr with your GitLab instance allows you to improve the management of your IT projects easily.

Flowr offers you an interface allowing you to set up a fluid and efficient workflow. The implementation of Scrum & Kanban frameworks allows you to adopt and disseminate good agile practices.

flowr synchronized with gitlab

Powerful Features ⚡️



Flowr implements project management frameworks Scrum & Kanban. You can also create your own based on these standards.


Scrum helps people and teams deliver value incrementally in a collaborative manner.


Kanban is a strategy for optimizing the flow of value through a process that uses a visual, pull-based system.

Multiple GitLabs

Flowr allows to connect several GitLab instances. Centralize your projects in a single interface and keep an eye on the process !

Agile Team

Flowr facilitates collaboration with the development team. It also allows the dissemination of agile best practices.


Improve the management of your existing GitLab projects by synchronizing them with Flowr in one click.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Flowr as a project manager ? 👨‍💻

Flowr allows you to manage your IT projects with a simple and intuitive interface. The tool helps you facilitate collaboration between developers and other project stakeholders.

What Flowr brings to teams and organizations ? 💫

Flowr comes with features that helps your organization being more efficient. Broadcast a workflow adapted to the nature of the project with custom frameworks.

How to manage my already existing projects ? 🕓

Flowr embeds a feature to synchronize your existing Gitlab projects in a few clicks !

Is it risky to connect Flowr to my GitLab instance ? ⛔️

Flowr uses a gitlab token that you can revoke at any time without affecting your projects. Flowr features are based on gitlab API documentation and some features are intentionally excluded such as deleting a project from Flowr.

How to get help ? 🤙

Flowr is a brand new app, we bring you 7/7 support on our Discord server ! 🙂

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As a Project Manager and Product Owner of many IT development projects, I have often had difficulties setting up a simple and efficient workflow. That’s why we designed Flowr to facilitate collaboration between developers and other project stakeholders.
In addition to facilitating and automating project management, Flowr helps you spread good practices and a better agile mindset in your team !

Alexandre ALAIMO

CEO, Odeven

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